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Around the globe 2/3 times = Tokyo → Los Angeles → Mymik → Los Angeles → Palm Desert → Joshua Tree → Palm Desert → Palm Desert → Los Angeles → Tokyo

Miscellaneous impressions of business trip to the U.S.
This time I did about 2/3 of the way around the globe.
Tokyo→Los Angeles→Mike→Los Angeles→Palm Desert→Joshua Tree→Palm Desert→Los Angeles→Tokyo
Well, many of the staff members fell ill due to the difference in climate, such as the difference in temperature and food, but I was the only one who showed an unusual underlying strength and ended up unscathed. Thanks to my parents.
Miami art exhibit, final review of Palm Desert property, meeting with PM (property management) staff for pool construction and future Airbnb operations, and maintenance of MDR (Marina del Rey) property. The property will be used as a base for real estate and art business. Finally, there was the opening of a group exhibition curated by Anatalia, the gallery’s director for the first time, and the three weeks flew by.
This time, instead of taking a hotel room and taking an Uber to a meeting as usual, I drove the TeslaX myself, took my U.S. smartphone with me, and worked from the MDR, which was very stimulating. The way I see the city changes a lot when I have an element of life in my work.
Americans are strong in every city. They are physically strong and mentally strong. On the other hand, those who are broken are broken half as much. Among the secrets of their strength is their inherently undisciplined nature. Because they have no desire to care about what others think or think, they can concentrate on how to improve themselves. Therefore, those who are strong enough to recognize themselves are the winners. However, they are not good at teaming up with others to create, so a job description is necessary. From here to here, it’s you,” he said. The more commoditized the industry, the more it backfires. Creative and startups are good because it is easy for staff talents to flourish as long as they have a good leader.
In Los Angeles, I drive out every day. Even though there are more online meetings, if you do galleries or real estate, you often have to go out. I asked everyone how many meetings they go to in a day, and they told me that in tech, they go to one or at most two a day; after three, they are exhausted. How inefficient and unworkable! I thought to myself, “How can the Japanese be the least productive in the developed world when they take the commuter train in the morning and work until late at night? I was asked. I see. This is right to some extent and wrong to some extent.
There are many ways to calculate worker productivity, but it is usually calculated by dividing the total hours worked by the total production and sales per worker. Then, if there are many people who waste time in the office and go home by the last train, productivity will be low. Italy is high in productivity because people don’t work long hours. But I guess that kind of efficient work style is required in Japan. Also, since the tally is dollar-based, a weak yen is a disadvantage!
It’s America, where Thanksgiving is over at the end of November and we’re still in vacation mode, celebrating uninterruptedly until Christmas, which is still a month away!
Even if you pay extra for online shopping and set your order for next-day delivery, it arrives five days later. If I complain even a little, I get the standard, “Well, do you want me to cancel it? If I complained even a little, I got the standard answer, “Well, do you want me to cancel it?
As for the furniture, we already know the pattern. ‘Why hasn’t it arrived yet?’ ‘It’s not in the warehouse yet,’ ‘why isn’t it,’ ‘that’s not our place as customer service to know,’ ‘but it’s delayed, so look into it,’ ‘if you have a problem with it, do you want to cancel?’ That’s the flow. So, in order to increase productivity, we must stop “discovery = considering the feelings of the other party. Just do the job you are given. I don’t know what’s going on next door. And I don’t care about the profits of the company I work for! That’s the attitude.
Conversely, some companies are succeeding with services that exploit this gap. Companies like Uber, which has become the largest cab company without owning a single car, and the app “SHOP” have succeeded by “visualizing” the route from the vendor bought online to the consumer and the driver using a smartphone.
Success by making inconvenience convenient is no different around the world.
So all the grumbling is good business. Tesla’s self-driving is really easy when you’re languishing in traffic.
I think there are countless business opportunities between the service locations and the houses, such as furniture assembly, toilet breakdown, porter service, etc.
On a tired night, if you can get a hot “hand towel” at a restaurant, the world will change, just a little w…
For me, whose daily job is to transport large loads like art for 5,000 or 10,000 kilometers, every time is a trouble and a risk. But I should think that there is a great opportunity lurking here as well.
Seeing so many inconveniences, I thought that there are still many business opportunities in the U.S.
When I arrived at Haneda and saw countless people whose roles were unclear, “Blue, blue, this row!” I felt like I was in another country when I saw the countless people who had no clear role to play. I wish politics would take charge in this matter.