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The 14th Imaizumi Imaemon’s “Rabbit” figurine, next year’s zodiac sign

My paternal grandmother married into the Fukuda family from the Imaizumi family.
My grandmother’s name is Tsuruko Imaizumi. (By the way, my grandmother on my mother’s side was Kameyo Sato. The crane and the turtle were married together by my parents.) Imaizumi Imaemon is a relative of mine.
Although there are many circumstances, I am a descendant of the eldest son of Imaizumi Imaemon, who was originally supposed to be the 12th generation Imaizumi Imaemon.
My family’s roots are in Saga Prefecture, and until I was a college student, my primary residence was in Saga Prefecture. So I am familiar with Imaemon pottery.
My great-uncle ran a company in Hakata that sold Imaemon pottery, and he was very generous. When I was a child, he would buy me anything I wanted whenever I saw him.
My father used to eat with Imaemon bowls when he was a child, and when he dropped them and waved them, his grandmother would say, “Yo-yo-yoka, wakare ni wakare or we won’t sell them.
This time, Imaizumi Imaemon’s 14th generation made a made-to-order “rabbit” ornament, the Chinese zodiac sign for the coming year.
I had three made to put in Tokyo, Okinawa and Los Angeles.
Rabbits have long been appreciated as a lucky animal that brings “luck” as a messenger of the moon, based on the legend that they live in the moon.
It also symbolizes “leap” because of its jumping, and “fertility” and “prosperity” because of its many children.
Many good things to come in the next year!
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