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How to Change the “Muddy Boat” of Publishing? What is the “50% royalty rate” revolution that a former bestselling author is aiming for?

Yasunobu Tanaka, a creative at Dentsu for 24 years, suddenly left the company to become a best-selling author. Questioning the low royalties, he started a revolutionary publishing company, Hironobuto Co.
The money was not just a crafun, but was raised through “FUNDINNO”, a platform where private equity can be purchased like a donation, and when the money was raised, 40 million yen (399 shareholders) was collected all at once. Amazing!
Mr. Tanaka is thoroughly acting from the creators’ perspective. That is why he is aiming for a “50% royalty rate” for his new company. As discussed in the interview, the share of the platform and creators somehow differs depending on the type of business. For an advertising agency, the %の手数料。アートギャラリーは50% is 15-20%. %の手数料。アートギャラリーは50% commission. Pimps take 90 %、ある種の芸能事務所も90% And actually, publishers, like pimps, take 90%! But publishers don’t seem to feel the severity of their share because they seem intelligent (laughs). That’s wonderful.
This is a conversation between two Kansai people who are close in age, so be sure to read or watch!
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