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Speedy Group New Year’s visit!

Speedy Group New Year’s visit!
When it comes to business prosperity in Minato Ward, “Shiba Daijingu” is the place to go. And with so few companies starting work this late in the year, there’s no waiting time for Hatsumode!
Each of the three companies prayed for us, but the other two were clear on the type of business and the priest was able to explain, but Speedy was the only one who did not know the type of business and came to ask us in a whisper just before the ceremony. w
I was also in a hurry because I couldn’t quickly answer what my company’s main business was. Let’s see… Agriculture? Art? Hotels? Entertainment? Bars?
I am a business consultant.” I explained proudly, even though I went out of business last year…. God, I’m sorry for being so random since New Year’s!
Afterwards, a New Year’s party at the Intercontinental Hotel.
I was discouraging other managers from posting, but it’s still about looking back on last year and their aspirations for this year.🤣
Kiyomizu-dera Temple is modeled after the temple and described in two Chinese characters…
Last year it was “construction” and this year it will be “completion”.
Still, it’s good to hear that everyone had a nice, long, relaxing vacation!
This red and black plaid chanchanko is excellent for putting your arms through the giant stole you bought at WOOLIRICH.