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I don’t need a headset! Travel Recommendations.

In a survey of developed countries, the Japanese are the least likely to leave their own country in their lifetime, while Australians are the most likely to live outside the country. Japanese do not travel. Japan, the only country covered by islands where one can ski (Hokkaido) and dive (Okinawa) in a day, has no need to emigrate. Japan, characterized by “safety,” “cleanliness,” and “friendliness,” is one of the most comfortable places in the world.
Still, I think Japanese people need the proverb, “Let a pretty girl travel. Traveling abroad is never “safe. Depending on your age and experience, it can be an “adventure. Can you go and live in an unfamiliar place where you are communicating in an unfamiliar language?
On your journey, you will not discover yourself, but you will discover others. If I can recognize the differences between myself and others, I will be stronger. If I become stronger, I can be kinder to others. Traveling teaches us about the diversity of the world and people.
People continue to be children of others. So the gene that wants to feel safe by being in the family neighborhood remains the same. So I recommend a multi-location lifestyle. Know the scale of the earth. Once you get that sense of distance, you can always return to your family. You can travel around the world in two days.
Especially young people should try living outside the country, away from their parents, without worrying about anything. Even if you are old, don’t worry about anything, just go! You can start any life from zero. Even if hardship awaits you, the wisdom of people is that you can build a community someday.
Too much pessimism in life may come from lack of experience. With a lot of experience, you can be so-so optimistic. Live life to the fullest. Do what you love with all your might. Then you can afford to be.
That leeway will give you a spring (room to grow) and the ability to leap much further.
I believe being optimistic creates the most creative state.
It’s funny that you don’t travel a lot and then recreate the experience in VR. Why don’t you go there first?
I don’t need a headset in my life.
One, looks like a nature image.

Yasuyuki Takashima, Hirokazu Yanase, and 299 others