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THE BAR by Speedy’s official website is now open!

THE BAR by Speedy’s official website is now open!
Opening scheduled for February (detailed date to be determined).
We haven’t put it up on this site yet, but it will have the world’s first “virtual bottle keepers” feature. You can buy one drink for each of your friends. (e.g. 20 drinks for a bottle of “Yamazaki”)
Also, since it would be disappointing if you came all the way to the 4th floor of the building and can’t get in, you can see the availability of seats on the site. (This feature will also be available after the opening.)
Also, we started recruiting opening staff for the BAR on Baitoru yesterday. You can be an employee or a part-timer. Even if it’s just for the day you can come in, no problem! We can also teach people who have never made cocktails before. For more information, please contact us at the address below. We’d love to hear other recommendations!
Outline of THE BAR by Speedy
Address: 4F, 7-12-3 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Powerhouse Roppongi Bldg.)

Phone: 070-4308-9036

From Roppongi Crossing, walk along “Gaien Higashi Dori” for about 200 meters toward Midtown, and you will find “Fish & Chips Marin” on the first floor on your left.
LINE Official Website
Friend Benefits:
1. arranging a cab home
Free for the first registration only within 23 wards!
2. the owner is here! Info.
Useful for those who want to meet Mr. F. But please don’t call me.🤣
3. use of virtual bottle keep
Example: Tickets issued for 20 whisky bottles (700ml)