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It was an offline meeting at Naoki Sakai’s salon in Conceptor. (In conversation with Shusaku Hirota – President of Henge Inc. specializing in corporate brand development)

It was an off-site meeting at Mr. Naoki Sakai’s salon.
At the beginning of this issue, I had a conversation with Shusaku Hirota (President of Henge Inc., which specializes in corporate brand development). https://henge.co
Will “hedonism” be the trend after Corona? The theme of the discussion was “Will “hedonism” become a trend? After a long period of abstinence, human beings are still unable to resist. We want to surrender ourselves to pleasure. When I see nearly 100 people at this off-line meeting, chatting happily and enjoying themselves, I realize how precious it is to be able to do something that was commonplace before Corona. Just by getting together and talking, we feel a sense of pleasure. I realize that human beings must always keep their five senses sharp.
Looking forward to the next one!
Mr. Sakai’s salon membership is below.
◆Design Management Club / DMC
Design Management Club (hereinafter referred to as “DMC”) is a members-only management online salon where the brightest minds in the business world gather. It is the highest peak of knowledge gathering where you can interact with first-class members. The DMC is an innovation community where members can navigate the rapidly changing world with resilience, presented by Naoki Sakai, a conceptor.