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I’ve been thinking about Ralphie’s business model.

I thought about Rufi’s business model.

In the background, there must be a cashless society. These bad guys would have robbed banks a decade ago. However, cash has disappeared from the world, and %以上は銀行が発行するデジタル数字(信用通貨)なのである。日本が造幣局で作るキャッシュ(法定通貨)は、10% 90% are %以上は銀行が発行するデジタル数字(信用通貨)なのである。日本が造幣局で作るキャッシュ(法定通貨)は、10% only %以上は銀行が発行するデジタル数字(信用通貨)なのである。日本が造幣局で作るキャッシュ(法定通貨)は、10% tender); even the EU prints only 15% of its cash. When everyone can pay with credit cards and PayPay, cash will disappear from the world.

There is a regression phenomenon where credit currencies have become so widespread that cash (cash), the representative of legal tender, is considered too important. It is reported that a state digital currency (digital yuan) has been created in China. Some speculate that the underlying technology may be the blockchain used in Bitcoin. Perhaps that speculation is correct, as there is currently no fully cryptographic currency in the open. If so, Chinese money would be tracked (chased) by the authorities (CCP).

Blockchain is imprinted with a history of past usage and cannot be tampered with. That is why it is such a cool technology for the Chinese government. So, what the wealthy Chinese are doing is “collecting cash. Japan has no such system or intention to track them, but the wealthy in rural areas are probably still cash-conscious with cash in their armoires. It seems that Rufi and his colleagues were listing widows by looking at the obituary notice columns of newspapers. It can be said that this is an intelligent crime that depicts the backstage of the DX era of “newspapers + cash.”

It was reported that the base of Rufi’s business was “oleo fraud”. He must have known for some time that it was the old people who had the cash (Market understanding). The business model that developed from this is the remote business model using the black site. The “Mere Old Man” has created a violent system based on the large amount of money he made from the “Oleore Scam. Without getting their own hands dirty, they let it develop remotely. They could have done it from a lax prison on a southern island with a smartphone.

As Nikkei reported, Japanese people’s savings increased in Corona. The “wardrobe deposit” culture by the elderly has become a business concept for Rufi and his colleagues.
The existence of such caches is a major factor in this case, where the needy are being driven into a system of violence and committing horrific crimes through black market websites. I don’t think there is any cash in the homes of the very rich. But old people in remote areas have tens of millions of yen in cash saved up over their lifetime. Ralphie knew that.

I think there is an urgent need for thorough DX and development of digital currency to prevent recidivism.

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