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NON is appearing on Himeji City’s new tourism PR site “Himejikan”!

NON appears on Himeji City’s new tourism PR site “Himejikan”.
Nen, from Hyogo Prefecture, tells the charm of “Himejikan,” a special time that can be enjoyed within walking distance of Himeji Castle.
On the special site, you can enjoy PR movies of Nonon enjoying Himeji and contents such as an e-magazine that is easy to read on your smartphone.
Himejikan” is a new tourism PR keyword for Himeji City. It means a special time to relax, mellow out, and take it easy in this town rich in history and nature. Time” to enjoy the unused and ordinary in a town with a magnificent castle. The “Himeji feeling” to be enjoyed in a town that “hides” the charm of a hideaway. Various meanings are implied in the name.
■Non Comments
For me, who was born and raised in Kamikawa-cho, Hyogo Prefecture, Himeji was the “nearest city. When I came to Himeji for the first time in a long time, I was surprised to find many places I did not know. Himeji used to be a place to buy clothes and have fun, but now that an observatory has been built in front of the station, it has become an even more attractive spot. Himeji Castle and Kokoen were both very nice. There are also many gourmet restaurants. I hope everyone will enjoy “Himeji Himeji” freely and leisurely.
■Himeji Time official website
■Himeji Time official website