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Private Villa Okinawa Hyakuna (THE VILLA Okinawa) : The world’s largest private wax sauna with a view of the ocean.

The private wax sauna overlooking the ocean is the largest facility of its kind in the world and can be enjoyed by eight people.
All plastering finishes keep the heat in efficiently.
The water bath can be cooled down to 12 degrees by the chiller, and the Goemon bath warms you to the core.
The “Totoi” chair is a Belgian brand called sixinch, which snuggles snugly against a body covered with water drops. This is an original furniture collection that uses a special material and technology developed by the company to coat urethane.
The same chairs as those used at “Mifuneyama Rakuen Hotel Rakan-no-Yu” in Saga Prefecture, which was ranked first in Saunasuran three years in a row, are available for your convenience!
Private Villa Okinawa Hyakumei (THE VILLA Okinawa)
1471-1 Tamaki Hyakuna, Nanjo City, Okinawa, Japan
〒 901-0603
It is located 700 meters in front of “Hyakumei Garan” on the cliffs of the two sides of the road to Niihara Beach.
Full introductory nature, single building rental only. 300,000 yen per night (tax not included)
Reservations can only be made through the website below. (The website is scheduled to open in March.)
30 minutes drive from Naha Airport. Located in front of Hyakuna Beach in Nanjo City, where you can see the divine island “Kukojima”.
Up to 6 people in a single building (including 1 luxury extra mat)
Infinity pool, jacuzzi, wax sauna, steam sauna, 3 Goemon baths (one of which is a water bath with chiller), and gymnasium.
Mercedes-Benz wagon available free of charge.
Unattended reception. No pets allowed.