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Whisky “Yamazaki 50 years” as an investment, approx. 100 million yen.



Whisky as an investment🥃
Yamazaki 50 Year Old” 57° alc.
There was a BAR in Azabu Juban that was available for 30 million yen before Corona and sold for 4 million yen per drink. And they sold out quickly!
So, if we count backwards…
4 million yen x 20 cups = 80 million yen in sales.
80 million yen ÷ 30 million yen = 2.67 times… Well, I guess that’s about right. The selling price is usually 2-3 times the purchase price.
So, the present value of “Yamazaki 50years” is 100 million yen x 2.67 times ÷ 20 glasses = 13.35 million yen.❗️
It was sold for 72 million yen at Sotheby’s last year, so it must finally have a few left.
The first edition of this iconic bottle became the most valuable Japanese whiskey, and this product is the third edition, one of 150 bottles released in 2011. Incidentally, it had a list price of 1 million yen, so it became 100 times more valuable in 12 years. 800% compound interest per annum❗️
Can you make it a signature of The BAR by Speedy! To be continued…🤣
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