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Private Villa Okinawa Hyakumei (THE VILLA Okinawa):Goemon Bath (Yamato Heavy Industries) has a history

The Goemon baths used at Private Villa Okinawa (THE VILLA Okinawa) are made by Daiwa Jukou, a company with a 192-year history. I had been consulting with them before Corona. The photo was taken when I visited the Hiroshima Molding Factory.
The company has been providing bathtubs to a number of luxury hotels in recognition of its unique enamel technology (1 mm glass blown homogeneously onto steel), which is the only one of its kind in Japan. (Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo, Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto, Hotel Okura Tokyo Heritage Wing)
The difference from resin baths is obvious, and the company has received inquiries from luxury facilities around the world.
Warms up well (can keep body temperature 1 degree higher even 15 minutes after bath)
Strong material, no damage (maintenance free)
Luxurious shine (gloss and texture are the best)
I could feel their passion and love for craftsmanship during my visit. I am convinced that this will be a luxury brand that will be able to compete on the world stage.
Goemon baths are incredibly inexpensive!