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The 8th SHIBUYA AWARDS 2022, organized by Norifumi Yoneda aka “Yone-chan

I went to the award ceremony for the 8th SHIBUYA AWARDS 2022, organized by “Yone-chan,” aka Mr. Norifumi Yoneda.
Mr. F was present at the ceremony along with Mr. Ken Hasebe, mayor of Shibuya Ward, and Mr. Yusaku Imamura, a member of the jury!🤣
I was able to see many of the entries and also meet and talk with the artists. Congratulations to all the winners and prize winners. Now, I am looking forward to next year! Hopefully, Shibuya will become an even better art city than Milan.
I wanted to give an award to Mr. Amano’s own trophy for the Takeru Amano Award on the WWW.
Organized by: SHIBUYA AWARDS