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University of the Ryukyus [Free of Charge] Special Public Lecture: “Living. The Age of hedonism” (Lecturer: Mr. Jun Fukuda)


I will be giving a lecture at the University of the Ryukyus!
Dr. Masashi Arakawa, thank you for the invitation!💫
Free] Special Public Lecture: “Living. The Age of hedonism” (Lecturer: Mr. Jun Fukuda)
(Thursday, 18:00
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<National University Corporation University of the Ryukyus, School of International and Regional Development, Department of Wellness Studies, Special Open Lecture>.
Date & Time] Thursday, April 27, 18:00-19:30 * Doors open 17:30
Venue] Room 114, Humanities Lecture Hall, University of the Ryukyus
1 Chihara, Aza, Nishihara-cho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa, Japan By Wellness Research Field
How to Participate] On-site Participation
Participation fee] Free of charge
*Business card exchange will be scheduled. Please bring your business cards.
[Lecture content
Living. The Age of hedonism.”
People have evolved to pursue pleasure.
Conversely, one cannot enjoy the highest pleasure without knowing the evolutionary process.
A clear awareness of our place in history will help us live our best lives.
Profile of Instructor]
Special Lecturer: Atsushi Fukuda
Serial Entrepreneur (CEO, Speedy Group)
1965 Born in Osaka, age 57/ Graduated from Nihon University College of Art
President and Representative Director, Speedy Inc.
Visiting Professor, Kanazawa Institute of Technology / Visiting Professor, Yokohama College of Art
Founder and President, Sony Digital Entertainment, Inc.
Activities include talent agency, management of Los Angeles-based art galleries and villas, resort development in Okinawa, large-scale farm development, digital content development from Estonia, and startup investment.
Cartier “Changemaker of the Year” (2016)
Warner Bros. “BEST MARKETER OF THE YEAR” for three consecutive years (2012-14)
Selected as one of 51 IT key persons for the 21st century by Nikkei Web (2001)
Member of “Contents Investigation Committee”, Agency for Cultural Affairs
Member of “Study Group for the Information Grand Voyage”, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Member of “Media and Software Study Group”, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
President of NPO “Ashante Mama
Book :.
Streetwise City 2022,” Koryosha Bookstore.
Naoki Sakai, Co-author of “Swissy Ikiru Corona Jidai” (The Corona Era of Living Swissy) (Koryosha Shoten)
Are you ready for the paradigm shift?” (Speedy Press)
‘You Don’t Think You Can Profit from SNS, Do You?’ (Shogakukan)
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The Voice of the Town is a Lie” (Satemaga)
Sponsor : Division of Wellness Research, School of International and Regional Development, National University of the Ryukyus