Speedy NEWS

THE BAR by Speedy will close on June 30, 2023.

I have decided to graduate as a BAR owner at the end of this month (June 30).
The main reason is that since opening the BAR, I have had less and less time for myself, especially for writing books and thinking creatively.
That’s right. It was important to spend the night. Even if I am playing at night, there are many buds of creativity in the city. But if I stay in the same place, I cannot discover those precious buds.
I am truly sorry to the many friends who have filled bottles for me, but I hope you will drink up by the end of this month. If it’s too difficult, I will sincerely buy you a drink at one of the bars after that. Please forgive me!
Everything has a meaning. Quitting something is a sign for the next future. I believe that we should not miss that sign.