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I was invited to appear on the radio program “Shibuya’s Hirokazu Yanase Laboratory” (55 minutes)!

I was invited to appear on the radio! (You can listen online at the URL below)
We considered future preparedness from our experience, including social issues learned from Typhoon No. 6.
Nowadays, extreme weather is the norm. More and more unbelievable typhoons will come in the future. It is important to systematize our know-how for disasters!
Hirokazu Yanase Laboratory in Shibuya” (55 min.)
Hirokazu Yanase (Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, School of Liberal Arts Research and Education)
Wednesday, August 23, 2023 22:00-22:55 Broadcast
Jun Fukuda, Entrepreneur and Brand Consultant
Jun Fukuda, who experienced the recent typhoon No. 6 for more than 10 days in Okinawa, will share his valuable story. This 55-minute talk will give you a chance to think about disaster prevention before the typhoon season. Don’t miss it.
Speedy Corporation (Mr. Jun Fukuda is the president and representative director)