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First harvest of mangoes from Speedy Farm Okinawa!

First harvest of mangoes from Speedy Farm Okinawa!🥭
This year, the plants had just been planted, so either they could not be picked, or if they could be picked, it was in small quantities, so they were distributed only to those involved.
Irwin mangoes are the type that often turn red.
Keats mangoes are ripe when they are in their green state, which is common in Okinawa, and ripen about one month later than regular mangoes. In other words, August is the best time to eat them.
And the most expensive and precious is the Kinmitsu mango (Kinmitsu)!
These are yellow in color, fully ripe, and rich in fiber!
All mangoes are incredibly naturally sweet.
No pesticides of any kind are used on the soil or the saplings. Almost all mango farms use pesticides, so Speedy Farm’s mangoes seem special.
The staff carefully and lovingly raises these babies one by one every day!
I think next year I will be able to share it with everyone. Look forward to next summer!🥭
Miraculous taste!