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People should just be goldfish!

According to Masayoshi Son of Softbank, in the next 20 years, AGI (AI having human-like intelligence) will be as capable as a goldfish and a human (10,000 times).

But pundits say it’s not that simple: AI is a “power hog.” Increasing its functionality, like mining virtual currency, costs a tremendous amount of electricity.
According to one estimate, developing an AI to solve a Rubik’s cube would require as much power as three nuclear power plants output in an hour. Although it has already passed, some predicted that the power consumed by AI will reach 4.8% of all data centers in Japan by 2022.

The bottleneck for the spread of self-driving technology is the huge power consumption of the AI in EV vehicles, and advanced AI processing may sacrifice driving range due to power consumption.

Everything has to go exponential (exponential rapid evolution), both EV cars and fusion power are being developed at an incredible speed using AI. Even today, AI-equipped air conditioners cut electricity bills by 10%. The future is bright when you think about it. Even if human ability becomes as good as a goldfish, it is only a function created by human beings, and I believe that human beings will eventually utilize AI to make our lives more convenient and help us evolve.