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“Ribbon”, the movie directed, written, and starred by “NON” has been officially invited to the Shanghai International Film Festival, the largest of its kind in Asia! Overjoyed! Global entertainment is revving up.

“Ribbon”, the movie directed, written, and starred by “NON” has been officially invited to the Shanghai International Film Festival, the largest of its kind in Asia! Overjoyed! Global entertainment is revving up. #PleaseShareIfYouCan


The movie “Ribbon” (planned for release in 2022) has been selected as a special entry in the Gala Category of the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival and will be officially showcased at the festival.

The Shanghai International Film Festival, which was started in 1993 and will be celebrating its 24th anniversary, is accreditated by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (Paris, France) and is one of the 12 largest film festivals globally and the largest in Asia.

Out of roughly 500 films from all over the world that will be showcased at the festival, only a select few will be presented in the Gala category.

The first screening of “Ribbon” will be at this film festival, so it will be a world premiere in Shanghai. NON is planned to appear in a video message prior to the screening.

◆ A movie about an art student reclaiming her identity after losing her method of expression to the coronavirus pandemic
“Reclaiming Our Art.” A story of an art student redeeming her future of which she was robbed of.

Winter of 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, she has been deprived of a venue to showcase the graduation art project she worked on for a year. Although she had free time at home, she had no motivation to do anything…
The actress NON plays “Itsuka”, an art student fighting an internal struggle after being robbed of her method of expression and unable to figure out what to do. It is a satisfying story of “redemption” in which Non busts out of the depressing situation with her natural powers.

◆ With a live-action team composed of the elite team from “Shin Godzilla”: Shinji Higuchi (director and special effects supervisor) and Katsuro Onoue (co-director and special effects director)!

Pay attention to the “Expression of Emotions through Ribbon Art” suggested by NON. The main character’s various mood fluctuations are depicted with colorful ribbons. The ribbons that dance furiously and angrily sometimes and gently at other times are brought to life by the star tag-team from “Shin Godzilla”: Shinji Higuchi (Director and Special Effects Supervisor) and Katsuro Onoue (Co-Director and Special Effects Director). The ribbon special effects are breathtaking.

◆NON’s Comments
In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic plunged the world into disaster.
Many forms of entertainment like movies, live music performances, theater plays, and art exhibitions have been categorized as nonessential and suspended. It felt as if the whole world had labeled entertainment as “unnecessary for life”.
How do we confront this issue? While spending time at home during the first state of emergency, I reaffirmed my belief that entertainment has and will always be essential and it inspired me to produce this film.

During the same period, I read an interview of a graduating art student who lost the opportunity to showcase the art project she had worked on for the whole year, and her confession that “It felt as if my art was garbage” was so moving and resonated with my own frustrations that I wrote a screenplay out of it.

While the movie “Ribbon” depicts the life of an art student during the coronavirus pandemic, I believe it is also the story of numerous students all over the world who have been forced to live through this difficult situation.

I am truly overjoyed that this passionate production of mine will be showcased at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

[World Premiere Details]
24th Shanghai International Film Festival
Film Festival Date: June 11–20, 2021

Movie Title: “Ribbon” (Chinese Title: 蝴蝶结)
Japan Premiere: Planned for 2022
Director, Screenwriter, and Main Cast: NON
Special Effects: Shinji Higuchi
Special Effects Producer: Katsuro Onoue
Production Manager: Atsushi Fukuda ← #SorryForBragging
Executive Producer: Tomoyuki Miyakawa
Creative Supervisor: Masaomi Kanzaki, Mitsuko Takizawa
Producer: Chikako Nakabayashi
Organizer: NON
Production Company: Booster Project Inc.
Production Agencies: Nihon Eiga Broadcasting Corp./NON Inc./Speedy, Inc./Comidia Inc./inkAnkh Inc.