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Talked presents: Bambi Watanabe x Atsushi Fukuda : Gender-Free Underwear.

Bambi Watanabe has created a gender-free underwear company, “Bushy Park”. What a great story she has to tell.

Talked presents:

Bikini model, Actress, Founder of Bushy Park Bambi Watanabe x Atsushi Fukuda

“BushyPark was launched in September this year, an underwear brand based on a gender-free concept. ”

“I want to know more about LGBTQ.”

“If  Japanese boys and girls are struggling with their identities, I was led wanting to change this issue in Japan. In Taiwan, same-sex marriage is okay, so why can’t it be done in Japan?”

“I hear lots of stories from friends in Nichome (Tokyo’s gay district) and I wondered to myself how I could use this platform as someone who has worked in the adult entertainment industry. All of my fans were males, so I chose to focus on underwear.”


(Excerpts from interview)


Composition: Junko Io
Photo: Yukiko Koshima