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NHK Sendai : Earthquake Dissemination Project「♯ Speaking Of-The Memory Baton-」feat. NON

NHK Sendai : Earthquake Dissemination Project「♯ Now That You Mention It-The Memory Baton-」feat. NON

March 11th, 2021, will mark 10 years since the Great East Earthquake, bringing back forgotten memories,  we have created a project that will continue even after  10 years.

#souieba 「ano hi, nani wo shimashita ka?」 Speaking of…What did you do on that day?

This project which has spread widely even outside of the stricken area, invites people to tell what they experienced on that day.

We plan to expand the messages through broadcasting, the web, and SNS.

We want to hear the feelings and the prayers of the people even from outside of the stricken areas. You may have forgotten, but we ask you to remember, and come so that we don’t ever forget what happened that day. A Project that makes us look hard at that tragic day one more time. Wont you come together so that we can share our memories with the next generation? Please, tell us your memories of 2011.3.11.




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