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The Virus of the Internet World is Destroying the World Like the Real Virus

NHK Special “Digital VS Real” First Episode-Fake Deprived Me

It was extremely fascinating to watch.

Fake News enters the web through SNS like a virus and propagates one after the other.
This is just like the spread of the current COVID-19.

The words virus and viral have the same etymology.
And with the diffusion speed and spread of fake news, the diffusion of COVID-19 begins to look similar.

They say that fake news travels 20 times faster than real news.

According to the David Austin Professor of Management at MIT Sloan, Sinan Asar,  “An analysis of the words in the tweets suggested that false news instilled fear, disgust and surprise, whereas true news was more likely to arouse feelings including sadness, joy and trust.These features, especially the greater “novelty”, might be expected to draw more attention to false news.”

Even if you fact check this fake news, it’s already too late.

Various measures have been taken to stop this.
NPO Comfacts is 500 volunteers who, instead of checking the facts of unknown information, AI searches for the articles of dissent or different opinions and sends them to the 240,000 people registered.
By providing different opinions at the same time, it can increase the ability for you to think for yourself.

Known as “Mexico’s king of fake news” and founder of Victory Lab, Carlos Merlo, who sells the fake diffusion of news said:

“The irresponsible ones are those who share anything on SNS. Maybe if everyone read the article for one more minute, the fake news wouldn’t have any effect. This is a natural thing.”

We are the “asymptomatically infected” people on the internet  who need to be more aware.

↓You can watch here.