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Talked【Quit the Company in Your 50’s and Win! Back Calculation Career Strategy】 (First Part) Branding Consultant, Atsushi Takada × Consultant Atsushi Fukuda

Former person responsible for TOYOTA Lexus brand,  Atsushi Takada is now a consultant being praised for the best seller “Quit the Company in Your 50’s and Win! [45 Rules To Not Be Finished As a Person]” (SHUEISHA). I had the pleasure of having a discussion with him at Waseda University’s lecture for working adults last December before the  COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently, I think many people are working remotely and feeling individual results. This has been an opportunity to find the best outcome to reconsider the distance between myself and the company.  I encourage you to read through summarization sites and, if you haven’t read Mr. Takada’s book yet, please read his best seller.  As a business person, this is the #1 essential book to read, now.

Talked【Quit the Company in Your 50’s and Win! Back Calculation Career Strategy】 (First Part)
Branding Consultant,  Atsushi Takada × Consultant  Atsushi Fukuda
Location: Waseda University Nihonbashi Campus (COREDO Nihonbashi 5th floor)

Takada: “I always aspired for the word “freelance.” It means to “live on your own.” Last year, The Nihon Keizai Shimbun published an ad for Lancers, Inc. which some of you may remember. “Let’s stop hiring at companies. Lancers, Inc. introduces people throughout Japan who possess various skills as a freelance worker to companies. Everyone will come to live this way. Immediate orders for highly skilled personnel.” This body copy became a huge topic of conversation. I believe the so-called, gig economy, or gig worker, isn’t just for young people, but geared more towards the older generation. The more young people do this, they won’t be able to receive welfare pension and become grateful for being able to work in a company. When you work in a company until your 50’s, you have paid your pension , so it may be the perfect environment for beginning a freelance work life.”


Composition: Junko Io
Photographer: Yukiko Koshima