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NHK BS1 “Zen After COVID-19【Narrator】NON

Zenryu Kawakami “Meditation is Not Relaxation. Personal Observation. Physical Sensation.”
This program was very easy to follow.
For some reason, this program is not on NHK On Demand, but I would like it to be available for streaming.

NHK BS1 “Zen After COVID-19【Narrator】NON
May 7th, 2020 (Thurs) 7pm-7:50pm (50min.)

The wisdom of Zen became necessary in the 21st century with an advanced information society. With the knowledge of COVID-19, world renowned monks, Issho Fujita and Takafumi Zenryu Kawakami show the importance of mind, body and environment to the world of science and economics!

Zenryu Kawakami meets 5,000 people every year in Kyoto at the head Zen Raizin Buddhist temple, Myoshshin-ji for English Zen Meditation, zazen! What is the connection between mindfulness meditation and zen? The connection between Zen and oriental thought shown in Japanese architectural rectangular panel doors with painting (called fusuma paintings) and Japanese gardens is surprising to foreigners!

Soto School Zen Monk, Issho Fujita, who taught zen in the US for a long time including Giant IT companies teaches 3 foreigners about zen. Experience zazen with tight rope jumping, jump rope, and Chinese kenpo! What is the naked self? Get closer to Buddha! Interaction of the mind, body and environment! How do Mr. Kawakami and Mr. Fujita perceive the threat of COVID-19 through Zen?