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Discussion Program “TheUPDATE”(NewsPicks Studios)〜How Do Celebrities Make Money with DX? 〜 Guests: Akihiro Nishino / Sou Takei / Kang Hanna / Atsushi Fukuda

I did a live appearance for the discussion program “TheUPDATE”(NewsPicks Studios)”How do Celebrities Make Money with DX?”.

730,000 viewers tuned in. To have all these viewers interested is amazing!

Normally, I refuse entertainment projects, but with NewsPicks CEO, Norihiko Sasaki’s intellectual approach, I was willing to accept.

In the DX era, do we need entertainment production? What exactly is the self-branding that celebrities need? is the theme.

Guests: I debated with Akihiro Nishino, Sou Takei, and Kang Hanna.

I was surprised especially by Mr. Takei, who was able to so sharply analyze the unique entertainment world. He talks about how to establish your brand and whether it has been established.
And, Mr. Nishino talks about not just the practice of the finished product, but the process to make a business which was extremely interesting.
Kang Hanna’s way of comparing the Japanese and Korean entertainment industry became an easy to understand reference.

The hour and a half went by in the blind of an eye with the exquisite moderator Daimaou Kosaka, aka Pico Taro.
If you haven’t watched yet, please check it out below.
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If you’re not a NewsPicks member, you can watch part of the program on YouTube.

Daimaou Kosaka selected me as “Today’s King of Comments”! I even received a trophy! Yippie!
Atushi Fukuda: “Like a normal industry, it will surely decline unless people who are talented and think of good ideas can earn money.”