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Speedy Gallery Los Angeles: Exhibition by Tetsuya Tamanoi in 2021

Speedy Gallery Los Angeles: New exhibition by Tetsuya Tamanoi in 2021(Date will be annouced later)


I first met Tetsuya Tamanoi in 2009, at the MoriYu Gallery’s exhibition, “Yume Wo Minai Gogo (A dreamless afternoon).”

In 2009, he designed the store display for Ginza Hermès, collaborating with the annual theme of Hermès in 2009, “Beautiful Escape,” expressing the “Hermès Circus” on the store display.

After that, he provided Christmas art for Ginza Hermès, installing “Joyeux Noel.” It was a breathtaking three-dimensional work (December 17 to 25, 2011).

↓The 2012 “Kuso Sekai Isan (Imaginary World Heritage) Vol.1” was also unique.

Now in 2021, there is a plan to hold an exhibition with new works at Speedy Gallery Los Angeles in 2021. The details will be announced soon!