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Speedy China established! (Xingguangspeed International Cultural Media) We now have a company, an office, and a website in China!


Finally, our company, office, and website are complete in China!

Speedy China is proud to announce that it has opened an office in Zhuhai, a new special economic zone that the Chinese government is focusing on next to Shenzhen!

The company itself was established on July 25, 2019 after a rigorous review by the Zhuhai Administrative Region. The screening staff are all young!

The new company will do its utmost to promote more entertainment exchanges between Japan and China.

Name: Xingguang Speed International Cultural Media (Zhuhai) Co.

Representative Director: Wang Tian Ki
Director GM: Lilie Matsumine

Address: Room 4E-18, No.51 Baohui Road, Zhuhai Bonded Area, Guangdong Province

Official website: https: //speedy.cn/

Bank Name: Bank of China
Branch name: Yokqin Free Trade Zone Branch
Account No.: 632772183028

If you want to open a website in China, you must have a company in China. Only websites that have the company’s articles of incorporation are allowed and can get a domain name. Even if you have a Chinese website in Japan, 1.4 billion people cannot access it.” A “dot CN” domain is a must.