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“Breezing Thru DX” co-authored with Naoki Sakai is getting great reviews. Please look forward to tonight’s online live!

“Breezing Thru DX”, which I co-authored with Naoki Sakai is getting great reviews.
In the U.S., cities like New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles are roaring back to life thanks to vaccines. The long-awaited Post-COVID age is finally upon us. The situation will probably be similar in Japan after 4 to 5 months of delay, around the fall season.
We’ve been bombarded by gloomy news ever since the coronavirus pandemic struck at the beginning of last year. However, we remained hopeful and lived through it in search of good news.
People want to be happy. Businesses want to improve their performance. The government wants the economy to recover. We may not be able to redeem 100% of it immediately, but we want to stay positive and regain even 1% of normalcy one day at a time. We published this book to boost that confidence.
↓Please do read it if you have not. You will find many hints on how to navigate the Post-COVID era.
“Breezing Thru DX” (Koryosha Books)

Tonight, I will have a no-audience online dialogue with Naoki Sakai at “B&B”, a bookstore in Shimokizawa. We will talk about the latest news about the Post-COVID age.

June 13 (Sunday) Starting at 7:00 P.M.
↓Please do purchase a ticket and join us.