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Speedy Resorts (Current Situation): Taking Advantage of the Charms of Southern Okinawa

Speedy Resorts Current Situation

Construction has finally begun!
Architectural design by Atelier Tete, construction by Kokuko Construction.
Everyone come take a photo to remember it!

We are often asked, why set up a resort here?
Because Nanjo has the potential to become the Marina del Rey of Japan.
Let us tell you more about the wonders of this city and the land around it.

The Okinawa that most people think they know is most likely centered around the downtown area of Naha or Onna-mura, which has many American-style chatan and resort hotels. These are located primarily on National Highway 58 (known as Goppachi) that runs in from the airport along the West Coast of Okinawa, which faces the East China Sea in the direction of Shanghai.

However, it takes nearly 90 minutes to get from the airport to Onna-mura, similar to the situation of Phuket in Thailand. Arriving tired from a flight and then 90 minutes by car to your destination turns the day into a write-off. The southern region of the island, where Speedy Resorts is located, is just a 25-minute drive from the airport (a distance similar to Santa Monica from LAX). You can leave Tokyo in the morning and be playing in the sea that same afternoon.

Furthermore, it takes 30 minutes from the airport to downtown Naha and 30 minutes from Nanjo to Naha. It’s a perfect triangle with each side just 30 minutes! If you want to do it all, to play in the sea and hit the town at night, you won’t be able to do it in the northern part of the island.

Why has the southern part of the island never been as popular? It’s hard to say, but it seems that development was long hindered by the local character of the place. Recently, however, people like me have begun to notice an increase in trendy restaurants and fashionable accommodation.

Another explanation is that because the southern part of the island faces the Pacific Ocean, you cannot watch the sun set over the sea, but Nanjo is truly beautiful in the morning sun. It is also home to Kudaka Island, believed to be the place where the deity Amami Kiyo, the creator of Okinawa, first landed. It is a powerful spot as it is where the sun rises when viewed from Hyakuna Beach. And all around, you can see beautiful untouched nature.

Speedy Resorts will be built on this hill (scheduled opening: August 2022). Another attraction of the south is that you can the rainbow reflected by the setting sun.

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