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Updating Frequently Attracts People!

Updating frequently really is important.

Since putting out my book “Breezing Thru DX” with Naoki Sakai, I’ve had many more requests to do seminars about DX.

DX is short for Digitial Transformation, and is about using digital technology to change your business! However, it’s a hard concept to grasp even when given examples or methods, isn’t it? In fact, the important thing is to question yourself about facing the problem of how to grasp the changes in this world, rather than master some digital technology.
How can you upgrade yourself so that you are continuously developing? Look at these things people who do that adhere to:

– Research news every day to develop their own opinions.
– Have friends they are able to debate these news topics with.
– Use those events to identify weak points in their own business and take measures to improve.

For example, Delta is taking preventative measures for Covid. They study past viruses to find differences between them. They ask their doctor friends their opinions about how to deal with the problem. The ready measures for even after people get the vaccine. On top of that, they ready their business to cope with the post-Covid era. As they cope, new ideas are developed, which are in turn dealt with. Rinse and repeat, every day.
Use things that are seemingly unrelated to you, like the Olympics, to train your mind repeatedly. Just like training in the gym, you need to continuously train your mind, day in and day out. Doing so will allow you to develop your thinking muscles.
That’s what it’s all about. What do you think? I encourage everyone to try upgrading themselves in their own way.
I believe people are attracted to others that seem to update themselves. Try living each day as a new, fresh you!
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“Breezing Thru DX” (Koryosha Publishing) Co-Authored by Naoki Sakai & Atsushi Fukuda.