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The sense of update attracts people!

It’s really about a sense of update.

Naoki Sakai
Since the publication of the book, “Swissy Ikiru Corona Jidai (The Age of Corona),” co-authored with Mr. K. Kato, I have received many requests to give lectures on DX.
In the Corona Disaster, business people are so interested in DX that even bookstores have DX-related sections.
DX stands for Digital Transformation. But even if you list all the digital examples and methods, it doesn’t quite ring a bell, does it?
Rather, it is not so much about learning digital technology as it is about how we perceive the changes in the world. It is important to know whether you are properly facing the
How do you upgrade yourself so that you don’t become someone who is finished? People who are doing that keep the following things in mind.
– Do your own research and have your own views on the news that happens every day
– I have friends who can discuss the news.
– Examine these events to see if there are any shortcomings in your business and take countermeasures.
For example, delta strains spread. Study the differences from past viruses. Ask a few physician friends for their opinions on how to deal with it. Prepare countermeasures that you can take even if you are vaccinated. Then, reassign the timing of the after-coronas in your own business, and take action to deal with it. As you respond, new ideas will come to you, and you will deal with them. Repeat this every day.
Repeat the head training even if it has nothing to do with you at all, like the Olympics. Just like working out in the gym, I continue to train my head every day and never stop.
In this way, the muscle power of the idea will someday be developed.
I’m just saying…. Looks doable, doesn’t it? I hope you all try your own upgrades.
I think people are attracted to a person’s sense of update. Try to be your fresh self!
◆ Reference
Swissy Ikiru Corona Jidai” (Koryosha Shoten), co-authored by Naoki Sakai and Jun Fukuda