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Speedy Resorts: Resort Development Approved!


Speedy Resorts:

We got approval to develop the resort!
Thanks to Mr. Hayaya Yamamoto and Ms. Kaori Yamamoto of the Atelier Tete architectural firm for applying for and getting us six different permits in just five months! Now it’s time to start construction.

(1) Landscape ordinances
(2) Development application
(3) Article 43 proviso
(4) Radio interference
(5) Structure construction application
(6) Confirmation application

The most important thing is that the project has been approved as conforming to the provisions of the landscape development plan (1).
Pursuant to the Landscape Town Development Policy, we will be creating a Tourism and Resort Area. We will pay attention to the following three points.

・Creating a hospitable landscape with an Okinawan look.
・Creating landscape that blends in with the surrounding sea and greenery.
・Creating landscape that enhances the charm of the region and encourages interpersonal interactions.
All right, let’s get to it!
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