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Speedy Resorts: Nanjo, Okinawa is the perfect place for your post-COVID trip, vacation, and workcation!

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As it is being constructed on a cliff, the foundation takes more time. Large heavy machinery is continuously being sent in, bringing back memories of when I was a young boy obsessed with Tomica construction vehicle sets.

Anyway, I heard that the price of flights to Okinawa has doubled since Japan’s nationwide lockdown was lifted in October. I guess people are eager to enjoy a late vacation in Okinawa which is still in the middle of summer, in search of nature and bright sunlight.
After COVID-19 passes, the demand for domestic tourism that includes trips, vacations, workcations, and more will increase exponentially. Rooms at popular hotels are almost fully booked for next year.

Kokko Kensetsu, Techno Kensetsu, and others are also working from dusk to dawn to complete Speedy Resorts by next summer. Thank you so much for working in the extreme heat!
So, I heard that the number of visitors to Nanjo has increased thanks to my continuous promotion of “South Okinawa’s nature!”, “Nanjo is the best!”, and “Only 30 minutes from Naha Airport!” for a whole year.

Nanjo was born as a consolidation of the villages Tamagusuku, Chinen, Ozato, and Sashiki Town on January 1, 2006, so it is only 15 years old. So, it is not very well known but the area has historically been tolerant to migrants and is expected to develop rapidly in the future.

The number of trendy restaurants, hotels, and villas has increased too! Highly recommended!

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