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Post-Corona: Recommended Living For the City and Countryside


Even after living in the countryside for a while now, I don’t miss the city life.

The need for the city is not for the city itself, but the function of the city.
It’s the delicious restaurants, the perfect communication environment, and sometimes the desire for luxury brands.

Architecture, housing, parties, clubbing…It’s all an accessory of the city life.

However, the countryside has better food for a cheaper price. There are areas that match the quality of communication in urban areas. If you live in the south, you can practically live naked, so the desire for luxury brands disappears, as well (We still need Uniqlo!). Also, the less time you spend at home, the less news there is about art.  In the city, where the winter is long and you spend more time inside, it is probably because the lifestyle has first-class art. On the contrary, there isn’t good contemporary art in the southern islands. The art there is nature.

Of course, in the city, you have friends and family, but you’re content with only seeing them from time to time. We have Facetime and LINE, Whatsapp, etc. You don’t feel any inconvenience.
My friends are all over the world, and I can make new friends from anywhere. I have friends who are constantly moving, so it’s not necessary to be particular about one place.

In other words, if you’re an adult and if you go to the city for the sake of work which can now be done without even meeting people, you can live anywhere. Of course, you a big problem to think about is how to make money.  IT and other information industries are a safe bet for employment. You can do this type of work in Paris, in Bali, anywhere! For people who work in other industries, first, start out in an urban area (within 1.5 hours of the city) and work on changing your work style, so that you are able to live anywhere in the future.

Well, everyone! COVID-19 has set the adults free (in the workplace). Through away society, let’s move to the countryside!
From now, I will only go to the city for parties and clubbing. Dress as you please!

“I want to Be Transferred to a Rural Area” Awareness Spread Amongst Young People in the City. Possible Effect of COVID-19| NHK News (Japanese)