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Popular, Historical Idol, Eri Kohinata, Retired From the Entertainment World and Devoted Herself to Her Business, “Tokyo Kaasan”

Ms. Eri is so cool.

Eri Kohinata announces retirement from the entertainment world, “Without leaving things halfway, I want to leave cleanly”  | ORICON NEWS (Japanese)

Popular historical Idol, Eri Kohinata, leaves Sun Music after being with the entertainment company for many years, to start her own business, “Tokyo Kaasan.” (Tokyo Mother).

Tokyo Kaasan” is a slightly different dispatch service from a mother’s perspective. I am also involved as one of the angel investors.

I think that the ideas and services that strengthen the bonds between trustworthy people will be popular post-corona.
Over anything else, Ms. Eri’s light and hope will prove to be a success for the future.

To help with your housework and life, I encourage you to try out “Tokyo Kaasan.