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Post-Corona: On January 1st, 2022 Everything Will Be Normalized

Just checking myself before I head out for the day.
Although, my face is no longer recognizable (haha) and I work on the weekends, too. hahaha.

Recently, I’m receiving inquires from managers asking, “What kind of business plan should I create during this pandemic?” My answer is as follow:


As a basis for that
1. A remedy will be created and spread.
2. A vaccine will be developed and spread.
3. Collective immunity will be possible

In other words, think about how should you spend the next year and a half and make a plan on the assumption.
With the vague idea that things will improve in a few months, the timing of DX investment and cost reduction will be wrong.

When coronavirus becomes like the flu, even if you get sick need to isolate, that is something we will get used to.