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You “Can” Live Now Potter Wheel Experience feat. Asahiyaki in Uji, Kyoto with Matsubayashi Hosai XVI

I had a “potter wheel” experience in Uji, Kyoto.

My teacher was the luxurious,  Asahiyaki Matsubayashi Hosai XVI.
He is challenging new things while inheriting the 400-year tradition of tea pottery.

For me, who is a complete amateur, he taught me how to handle the potter’s wheel in a way that was so easy to understand.
First, I understood it in my head, but once I tried it, the soil didn’t listen to me at all.
One hour passed in the blink of an eye when playing with the soil.
Well, it’s a lot more difficult than SAP!

Apparently, instead of trying to control the soil with human will, we have no choice but to accept the will of the soil’s wishes. I was able to break a little with the soil.

Looking at the complete image you thought in your head and the actual finished product, I can understand that, although “regrettable”, the difference is “reality.” It’s the same as reality. Isn’t it the same as a professional? I think that there is professionalism in the conflict between the fact that it is okay around here and the pursuit of more ideals.

The potter wheel experience was similar to a point in zen about “living for the now.”

It was an exciting day.



↓Below is obviously a pros work.