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Reservations for “NON” 2021 Calendar Begins! The Theme is “Touch” 12 Months of Touching the 5 Senses

Reservations for “NON” 2021 Calendar Begins!
The Theme is “Touch” 12 Months of Touching the 5 Senses

NON’s 2021 calendar theme is “Touch”! A new lifestyle with social distancing became necessary in 2020, so NON is looking forward to 2021 with “touch” as the theme for this calendar production.

Of course there are things you can touch and things you can’t that are expressed with abstract images.

Touching is a happy feeling and while treasuring the 5 senses, these photos were taken from various angle approaches. Funny expressions, mode nuances, etc., have been put together in an artistic way for this calendar.

For example…
“Touch” the「Shadow」
“Touch” the「Flower」
“Touch” the「light」

【A comment from NON】

This year, I wasn’t able to come into contact with many people. I have to wear a mask when talking to people and keep a safe distance. I began to think that only in such a situation, would I begin to feel the need to hug my friends. To come into contact.

This calendar, I want to get rid of that itch that everyone is feeling in this project by tapping into the joy of touching.  To fill you will image of the things that can be touched now.

With this calendar, I hope I am also able to touch everyone’s hearts.

【Purchasable at】
Reservations for purchase have begun at Amazon, Rakuten、Tower Record, and Nationwide bookstores
If you make your reservation by November 9th (Mon), you will receive you calendar by the end of December.

Large Format:https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B08L53VP69

7 Net
Large Format:https://7net.omni7.jp/detail/1107140873

Rakuten Books
Large Format:http://books.rakuten.co.jp/rb/16491054/

For other purchasing locations, please check the article below.

【Product Information:Large Format】
Large Format:NON Calendar 2021 “NON TOUCH” Large Format Calendar
Price:¥2,500 (Tax & shipping separate)
Number of Sheets:13

【Product Information: Desktop】

Desktop:NON Calendar 2021 “NON TOUCH” Desktop Calendar
Price:¥2,000 (Tax & shipping separate)
Number of Sheets:14

Photographer:Atsuko Kitaura
Creative Director:Arisa Matsui
Art Director:Tadahide Naoi(Naoi Design Office)
Hair & Makeup:Fumie Kanno
Stylist:Izumi Machino
Shooting Cooperation:Shintaro Matsumoto
Project Cooperation:NON CO., LTD., inkAnkh inc.
Project:Speedy, Inc.

「CL-806 NON Calendarー2021 NON TOUCH(Large Format)」 / Hagoromo
Scheduled to release on December 19th.