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New Book!”Desires and Insights: The Everyday Life of an Insight Hunter” (Speedy Books) co-authored by Naoki Sakai and Hiroaki Shikata

This new book is co-authored by the concept creator Naoki Sakai (CEO of Water Design) and the marketer Hiroaki Shikata (former executive officer at P&G)!


Why do people desire things and why do they love other people? These questions cannot be answered without invoking the idea of “insights.”

“Customer insights that companies are eager to uncover as an important key to the success of their business are in fact hidden psychological switches that can alter customer behavior. These insights are hidden, which means that you will miss them if you only look at the surface.” (Sakai)


In this book, Naoki Sakai collaborates with Hiroaki Shikata, who has been involved in corporate marketing for a long time, to illuminate the deceptively simple world of “insights” in a concrete manner that is easy for readers to understand.


We believe that this book will be tremendously useful for readers who are learning more about marketing as well as veteran marketers who will be involved in corporate work in the post-COVID era from next year onwards.


We are delighted to have this opportunity to publish such a wonderful book at Speedy Books.


“Desires and Insights: The Everyday Life of an Insight Hunter” (Speedy Books)

Naoki Sakai (Author), Hiroaki Shikata (Author) Kindle Edition (unlimited browsing) Paperback