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October 21st-October 23rd, 2018 Tsuchiya Shuko Exhibition [RED-This planet is paradise] (Tokyo)

Exhibition period: October 21st-October 23rd, 2018
Exhibition name: Shuko Tsuchiya Exhibition [RED-This planet is a paradise]
Artist: Shuko Tsuchiya
Venue: Courtyard Gallow (Tokyo)
Thank you very much for visiting Shuko Tsuchiya’s solo exhibition “RED-This planet is paradise”.
Thanks to you, the solo exhibition was a great success.

The courtyard Hiroo has a vast garden, and live painting was relaxing. The BAR area on the first floor was an ideal space for friends to gather and enjoy art at the main venue on the third floor.
This exhibition was realized because Mika Arai, a junior from the Sony Pictures era, happened to be the secretariat of Court Yart.

So I forced myself to paint the walls bright red and I was able to come to the real flamingos ww Thanks!

And I was glad that a lot of … really many friends came to me and the circle of friends expanded.

Part of the sales will be donated to NPO Ashante Mama (currently applying for certification).

‘RED -This Planet Is Paradise’ (Shuko Tsuchiya Art Exhibition).
Photo by Yukiko Koshima