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December 31, 2018: Speedy Looking Back on the Real Founding Year

Looking back on 2018!

After graduating from Sony Digital Entertainment in late 2017, he launched Speedy in January with his assistant Masami Toyoda from the Sony era. At Starbucks! (LOL)

In March, an old friend joined me. Established a virtual currency company Speedy Europe’in Estonia in April. In May, we partnered with’Team Non’. In June, he created an art-related company, Speedy Gallery, in Los Angeles, and in August, Komidia became a member.

POLA, Nippon Broadcasting System, LINE, CyberAgent, JR West, Aharteke, Vitamin Mama, Parco, Hong Kong Mensolatorm, UHA Taste Sugar, Environment Agency, Iwate Bank, JA Iwate, Japan Telenet, TBS, NTT Solmare, YouTube, NHK Enterprises, I was blessed with a lot of clients such as Imagica, Court Hotels, and Colombia Japan.

In the art field, I was able to work with creators such as Sebastian Masuda, Mr. Brainwash, Shuko Tsuchiya, Britney Tokyo, Seijun Nishihata, Shigeru Mizuki (deceased), and Junichi Nakahara (deceased).

The journey that began in Rio de Janeiro would have traveled around the world, including Finland, Estonia, Paris, New York, Hawaii, Bangkok, Los Angeles, Indonesia, Seoul, Hong Kong and Singapore.

One year in no time. You can do many things. All the staff who supported me without any planning. Mr. Naoki Sakai, the chairman who smiles and looks like an inventor, Mr. Yoko who is always friendly, Mr. Atsushi Nunokawa who is reliable even though he is young, Mr. Kazuhiro Tatsuki who is looking at finance, Mr. Emi Matsushima, a lawyer living in Okinawa , Mr. Ogami, who is in charge of creative work in Yamaguchi. And, to all the non-teams, Sayaka Kuriyama’s NPO Ashante Mama, who continues to support activities in Africa, will be fully supported by President Yasumoto of Sfidante.

Everyone is very grateful and loves it. I have no plans for next year, but it was a year-end party that made me realize that it would be a fun year. thank you.