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Talked Talked [Offline Online] -“Voice Guide for Travel ON THE TRIP” (Part 2) Entrepreneur Yuki Naruse x Consultant Atsushi Fukuda

Finally, the second part will be delivered. Mr. Naruse’s story is really interesting. Must read!

Talked Talk [Offline online] -“Travel audio guide ON THE TRIP” made in a van life (Part 2)
Entrepreneur Yuki Naruse x Consultant Atsushi Fukuda


Naruse: “I will never forget what I learned with my five senses. The scent of seasonal flowers evokes memories. In fact, I think there is a possibility. Of course, I want to expand my travel experience. I want to make my trip more interesting, but more than that, it’s a waste to hate unexperienced countries and places with fake news that I don’t know if it’s true or not.

When I wonder if I can somehow change what it leads to conflict and flames, the solution is to actually go to that place and experience it with my five senses and understand the city or country. That’s right. If you can understand the city or country, it will lead to understanding the individual, and understanding is to show respect. ”

Composition: Junko Io
Photo: Yukiko Echima