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Utsunomiya, Yuki Ninagawa, Dante project started.



The start-up party of the painter / actress Yuki Ninagawa’s trilogy “Dante Project 2nd Jigoku Hen” will be held spectacularly at “Villa des Mariages Utsunomiya”!
I greeted you as a representative of the executive committee.

Utsunomiya, with its majestic and beautiful places such as the Oya stone mine, Utsunomiya Shrine, Matsugamine Church, and Utsunomiya Museum of Art, is perfect for the image of purgatory leading to heaven.
With the full cooperation of Mayor Eiichi Sato of Utsunomiya City, 200 people, mainly locals, gathered.
For the next year or so, Yuki will work on magnificent works with this as an atelier. Let’s support everyone.


We would also like to thank the president of Prio Weddings T & S Naoki Ikeda and the officers of Prio Corporation Mariko Fujita for their continuous efforts in holding this party!

◆ Executive Committee members (from left)
President of Prio Corporation Kenzo Matsui
Asahi Shuzo (Daisai) Chairman Hiroshi Sakurai
WATER DESIGN Naoki Sakai President
Writer Naoki Inose
Gillie Club Representative Yukihiro Watanabe
Masaaki Haruyama, Chairman of Men’s Senka