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Talked Talk [LGBTQ Challenges for Playmates] (Part 2) Gravure, Actress Mami Watanabe and Consultant Jun Fukuda

It is interesting to see how Mami, a gravure idol, felt about founding an LGBTQ company.
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Talked Conversation [LGBTQ Challenges, Playmates’ Challenges] (Part 2)
Gravure, Actress Mami Watanabe x Consultant Jun Fukuda


Manmi said, “Once I took off my clothes, only very good luck came my way. Even in terms of my feelings. So now I have nothing to be afraid of. If I decide to become a president, I will definitely become one by the time I am 30. I used to be very negative before that, but I’ve gotten over it. I only show what I like. That’s my stance.”

Composition: Junko Io
Photo: Yukiko Koshima