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Thoughts on the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony (Jun Fukuda, Brand Consultant)

Miscellaneous thoughts on the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony.

I have never been interested in the Olympics and have never watched them since I was born.

However, after so many scandals about the opening ceremony, I became interested in the opening ceremony as an entertainment industry person. Last night. 4 I watched carefully for two hours.

This is not a discussion of the significance of the Olympics, but rather a miscellaneous observation from an event-producing perspective.

To put it ironically, I think last night’s opening ceremony was a perfect representation of Japan as it is today.

It is the “absence of a leader.

The larger the organization, not just the event, the more likely the people working there are to manage rather than lead. This is no one’s fault, but rather a characteristic of human beings and organizations. In the drama “Hanzawa Naoki,” a large project was entrusted to a very small team. This is because it increases the probability of success. Captain Kirk of “Star Trek” also had the same problem. 1000 He assigns a dedicated team leader to each team of three employees, while he focuses on new projects and sends a small group of employees to dangerous planets to solve problems.

In the management theory, “ 30 There is a term called “the wall of people. It is a term that refers to the number of members who are 30 When the number of employees exceeds one, it is beyond the capacity of a single leader to manage. Conversely, when the number of 30 Put a leader in place who can manage three people and 30 The number of 900 It is possible to be the leader of a group of people. You combine those autonomous silos to do larger projects.

For an event like the Olympics, it would be more effective to have a small organization making decisions. The entrance of the athletes 2 time is standard, and the remaining before and after 1-2 The question is how to direct the production for the next two hours.

If I were the project leader, I would have the basic concept of 21 Olympian Spirit of the 21st Century,” the following 3 I would like to propose three concepts.

1. Health Promotion.”

This “Tokyo Olympics 2020 The bid for the 2011 Year June March 17 It goes back to Shintaro Ishihara’s policy speech on April 1, 2012. He was inspired by Yukio Mishima’s column “Tokyo Olympics” and wanted to show the world’s best health and physical excellence from Japan.

Naoki Inose, who succeeded him, made it happen. The key point is that both are writers. Even if only to reduce diabetes. 3 There is an estimate that this would eliminate an additional ¥2.5 billion in taxpayer funds. I believe that educating people about health is the first priority of the Olympics. It would be good to show an entertainment show that makes full use of the ultimate in physical strength, such as Cirque du Soleil.

2. Diversity.”

Black lives matter The theme of the event is to close the gender gap. Many issues came up immediately before the event, such as misogyny, bullying, and the Holocaust. Therefore, in many of the matches, after the best efforts of athletes from all over the world, the event should be a great reminder of the abilities that each human being has, whether they win or lose.

I wish I could show many short interviews with former athletes who lost a match but realized new value, or those who won a match and realized the value they gained.

3. The Future of Science.”

Humanity was hit by the corona and forced to reboot. However, mankind will continue to push civilization forward. To do so, we must make science more powerful. In the Paralympics, the expansion of human capabilities through wearable devices will also be a theme. The great athletes VR or holograms could be interesting.

In addition, the AI Genome editing and mRNA It is also interesting to see projection mapping and drones that represent the future of health tech, such as the development of

If the “opening ceremony” is seen as a place where these exciting themes can be expressed, it will not only be a superficial slogan, but will also give attentions to people who are not interested in the Olympics.

I don’t think any event can be successful without strong leadership, a beautiful story and concept.

In that sense, I still MIKIKO I would like to see the proposal.

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The “A” in “A” is the same as the “B” in “B”. AKIRA The main character’s motorcycle is Naomi Watanabe also praised the “A MIKIKO The whole idea of the “Team Opening Ceremony Proposal