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Speedy Group’s Los Angeles Real Estate: Santa Clarita (4Bed 2Bath) Now Renovating!


Speedy Group’s Los Angeles real estate listings are now available. Santa Clarita located in the

The floor plan of this property is. 4Bed 2Bath The building is located on the second floor of the building.

Within commuting distance to Santa Monica and downtown. (By car without traffic) 30-40 (3 minutes) A safe and comfortable place to live with a good school district. I bought it without being able to go there due to the Corona disaster, but there were actually many incidents.

Shortly after purchase, squatters by subletting were discovered!

I immediately went to the court to ask for an eviction order, but the court was closed due to the Corona disaster. Then, this spring, when I thought the deliberations would finally begin, there was a year long line of people waiting in order. However, a trusted real estate agent friend of mine got incredibly excited and won the eviction order early!

And when he opened it up, he found that the house had been pretty much destroyed.

Damage to the floor and some walls, fixing leaks from the kitchen and sink and repairing plumbing, and most of the cabinets were gone (resale?). After demolition, removal, drying, spraying of mold remover to prevent mold growth, and trash removal had to be done.

However, once again, our terrific friend, a real estate agent, strongly negotiated with the insurance company about the damage and expected rental income during that time, and insurance coverage was obtained. All I can say is thank you!

With this as a starting point, renovations were initiated. Here we are now

Replace all floors, paint all walls, all new appliances, completely renovate kitchen, do all bathrooms.

Not a little cosmetic work to a rentable level, but high-end, fully waterproof laminate flooring instead of cheap vinyl flooring to make tenants feel comfortable living in the building.

Door handles. L Replaced with a letter. Upgraded the look with the latest appliances. Bathroom and kitchen outlets for safety. GFCI The new system was changed to The island that made the kitchen smaller was removed. The garage, which was dark and had a bad atmosphere, was completely repainted.

Floor: French oak (more popular oak than grayish)

Cabinet: white on top, midnight on bottom New York

Countertop: Marbled white quartz

Handles and faucets: black (rather than gold, which is more boring)

Fireplace: white base, dark brown wood parts

Base Moulding: (1) 5 Inch simple type

To maintain the property value for a long time to come, the bathroom vanity and kitchen will be a little more upscale. All of those things were also done by this terrific friend. I’m already thrilled!

When the renovations are finished, we plan to show it again as a rental.

Los Angeles real estate values are going up fast in the after-corona.

Rent is per month 3500 Dollars (approx. 38 I’m thinking of about ¥10,000.