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After Corona Thoughts : Cashless and virtual currency payments are the norm in DX society

After Corona, cashless, not touching cash, will become the standard.

Even before Corona. The trend is there, but in Japan, before e-money, credit cards were only widely used. 25%. The

Korea is almost 100%. The In the U.S.A. 50 about.

As for the government assistance payments due to the Corona disaster, the cashless infrastructure made a difference in the speed of the payments.

Korea paid all its citizens at once with credit card points. In the U.S., it’s mailed by check, and Japan is like, “I wonder when I’ll get the money transferred.

DX is lagging behind, society is also stagnant.

Aftercorona should promote the use of electronic money through cardless and apps. (At least IC (I would like to see more stores accept contactless payment with credit cards with chips)

El Salvador has made the decision to become the first country in the world to turn its national legal tender into a virtual currency. The decision was made because the country was originally a small country and its own transit colon was not used and was settled in dollars.

I hope that the Digital Agency will be able to adapt sensitively to these global trends. I’d rather rent an office with high rent than rent a Oculus I would like to see the foresight to telecommute from home in a virtual office inside a

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This is the DX Right!