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Happy 3rd Anniversary! Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Happy 3rd Anniversary!
Speedy Gallery” in Los Angeles celebrates its 3rd anniversary!💕
The first opened on May 24, 2019 in a trendy downtown corner, thanks to Ricky from POPKILLER. Over 200 people came out to celebrate.
The following year, in April 2020, it moved to the Bergamot, an art district in Santa Monica (an art district with 28 galleries).
It was originally “Lora Schlesinger Gallery” (opened in 1975), and since Lora was retiring, we decided to let her use it without moving in. 5 exhibition areas were divided into sections, and it was a very unique box.
We immediately applied to the City of Santa Monica, the owner of the land, but competitors from London and New York were coming forward with their desire for the location. We were able to acquire it through several enthusiastic presentations by our Aimi Morikawa. This is the first gallery in Bergamot to be owned by a Japanese national.
However, the gallery was hit by Corona during the preparation stage of its opening, forcing it to close for more than a year. But starting last month, on May 5, the gallery gradually began to open, and starting June 15, the whole of Los Angeles will reopen!
This year, we hope to curate as energetically as we did in 2019. Our original concept was to bring Japanese artists to the world, but from now on, we will not limit ourselves to Japan, but will deal with excellent contemporary art from all over the world.
– May 5, 2021- present Tetsuya Tamanoi [Pop Out Again.
– February 22, 2020 -December 30, 2020 Moeko Maeda [What is your Balance?
– November 15, 2019 – December 23, 2019 Tetsuya Tamanoi [Things from Beyond the Sea] Exhibition
– September 8 – October 27, 2019 Akitsune Tsuchiya [SURF – iNK Wave Sumi] Exhibition
– May 24, 2019 – July 31, 2019 Britney Tokyo[Art Show in LA] Exhibition
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