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After Corona Thoughts : Booming economy is coming with joy dressing!

Wear something fancy!
Trends always emerge from the social background. It also starts with a small group of people (called early adopters) who are sensitive to it.
After a long period of gloom and doom, the spread of the vaccine has finally brought some relief in many countries. (Except Japan)
The need for suits in the stay-home has become sweatshirts, and the disappearance of parties has eliminated the opportunity to wear dresses.
However, according to the Wall Street Journal article below, “joy dressing” (colorful dresses) is the way to go. (Expect the Kansai people!)
When it comes to enjoying the outside with all your might and enjoying the summer (northern hemisphere), flashy is the way to go. Patterns are also recommended to dress up while having fun.
I think the next few years will be incredibly booming. People will enter a world of explosive consumption. Stocks of fashion, travel, event, and party companies are “buys.
The photo shows a sweatshirt jacket (4,900 yen) made by UNIQLO, which I really needed in Okinawa. Very nice!
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