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Summer Style Worn by Nonn Appears on .st’s In-Store Signage!

Through today!

Summer styles worn by “Nonn” will appear on in-store signage!

Commemorating the opening of .st’s actual store, the “Dot Estee Store”.

The actual store “Dot Esty Store” of the fun web store .st, in which NON appears in commercials, opens at “Lalaport TOKYO BAY Store” and Fuchu “MitteN” (Mitten)!
To commemorate the event, summer styles worn by NON will appear on in-store signage for a limited time!

NON’s “Summer Vacation Coordinate” with a “dazzling” look.
Publication period: Friday, May 28 to Thursday, June 10
Place: “Dot Esty Mitten Fuchu Store”, “Dot Esty LaLaport TOKYO BAY Store”, WEB Store.st (Dot Esty)
*Style photos are also available exclusively at the store.

For more info, check out the site!
.st official website

Vacation Codes Worn by NON

NON is appearing now! CM Links
Dotto Fun! Active Arc” (15 seconds) https://youtu.be/dpXlwVQVsL8
Dotto Fun! Stylish Arc” (15 seconds) https://youtu.be/jxpp1tWdOZ0
Making of Video.” https://youtu.be/LnhVw-DkVRA