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Speedy Resorts Progress : Design meetings have begun for construction zone 3 (sauna area)!

Speedy Resorts Progress
Finally, the design meeting for the third construction area has begun.
The first construction section is the main body. The second construction zone is the infinity pool and exterior. The third construction zone is related to the wax sauna.
Basically, I would like to incorporate what I like about “Löyly” in Finland (Helsinki), where the “water bath is the sea,” and Takeo’s “Mifuneyama Rakuen” (No. 1 in Sauna Schlang).
I would like to see a plastered finish on the wax sauna, not wood. And the water bath should be like a Drift, with a bucket that falls down from a bucket with a string. For the baths, we will have a water bath and a warm water Goemon bath (of course, using a mold made by Yamato Heavy Industries in Hiroshima, which we consulted with).
For the “to be in harmony” space, we would like to put SIXINCH’s fluffy chairs, etc.
In the future, I would like to realize “Dobon” on 100 beaches like in Finland.
↓This is Löyly, a sauna by the sea in Finland (Helsinki) https://www.instagram.com/loylyhelsinki/
↓Mifuneyama Rakuen Hotel in Takeo City, Saga Prefecture
↓ Draft design drawings. Still changing.